The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

Kingdom-Driven Family Moments


Does God Really Care What Dress I Buy?decision


4 Minutes of Insight… Take a few moments to discover how a Christian should make decisions about what others consider insignificant. You might be surprised. Listen and share.



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Is It Wise to Keep Your Children Innocent?KDFMoments


Internet Pornography and Our Children. What Shall We do? Take a Few Minutes Right Now to Discover a Biblical Solution.





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Accountability & PerspectiveKDFMoments


Victories in our lives are a byproduct of a larger vision. The Kingdom of God is the ultimate larger vision.

As Christians we know we are on “the” winning team. Our day-to-day lives should reflect the teamwork needed to see victories in our daily responsibilities. Accountability and perspective are necessary elements of victory.

Listen and share this timely message.



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 Are You Qualified to Teach Your Children?teachandkid


Many who decide to homeschool have an underlying lack of confidence in their ability to do a good job. Are you one of those people?  This segment of A Kingdom-Driven Family Moment will give you a hopeful perspective.  Listen and share with others.




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