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The Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute (CTTI)


The Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute is a course of study intended to develop increased competency and direction in the Christian homeschool teaching community. Assigned readings, lectures, and position papers are part of an overall effort to further the competency of homeschool teachers and to augment their ability to convey and maintain a biblically consistent and orthodox worldview over every subject area.

The CTTI mentoring program is self-paced and has the advantage of feedback and discussion from a mentor/instructor who is able to address specific areas and concentrations to meet individual needs. Unlike other teacher training, CTTI allows and encourages the homeschool teacher to “remain on the job” while advancing her own education. This unique aspect provides a more “hands on” approach to the coursework, enabling the homeschool teacher to immediately apply what she is learning to the real-life situations in her homeschool.

Another aspect focuses on new mothers who wish to prepare themselves spiritually, philosophically, and scholastically for the role of homeschooling teacher. Networking assistance is available to provide informal internships with other homeschooling families in order to solidify the concepts learned.

CTTI requires trainees to engage the material studied encouraging them to formulate position papers, thereby further preparing them to be the best teachers possible for their children/students. Not only does this solidify their philosophy of education, but provides them with a strong foundation upon which to nurture their students and withstand the assaults of those opposed to educational freedom.

At the completion of the CTTI program, graduates will be in a position to assume a mentoring role with other homeschooling teachers and attain the status of Master Teacher.

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