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I recall many years ago, prior to my conversion,  sitting in my bedroom very sad that I had suffered an early miscarriage. I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test to confirm it, but I had suspected that I was pregnant. When my body went through the experience, it was obvious that something out of the ordinary was happening. My overwhelming grief, confirmed that this was more than my regular monthly occurrence, more than an instance of disappointment that my husband and I were not going to be parents.

However, there was irony in the moment when, sometime during the afternoon, a friend came to visit  and sat on the bed next to me. She had just returned from having an abortion. She was relieved, but had very obviously not been through a run-of-the-mill day. We both had experienced a loss, but our motives and reactions were quite different. This was over forty years ago and I remember a latent anger within me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Continue reading

Praise God for those times when the scales come off our eyes and we see our way clearer to Kingdom service.  In this podcast, I recount the profound effect meeting, reading, and being mentored by R. J. Rushdoony and his wife, Dorothy, had on my life.


JSNParents who send their children to public schools, which are state schools, are failing in a number of ways when it comes to obedience to God’s Word. The current reality in the United States, and the West in general, is that the only way the name of Jesus Christ is acceptably uttered in public schools is when someone curses, belittles, or denies Him. When Christian valedictorians who have achieved success in public schools are denied the chance to express  gratitude to the Lord for their accomplishments in their speeches, it should tell you something. Thus, those who profess belief in Christ, and who continue to turn their children over to the state to be educated have no ground to complain or oppose the condition of the society that they have helped to maintain. Instead of being a part of the solution, they are very much a part of the problem. Continue reading

Twice a month on Sundays, my podcast The Kingdom-Driven Family airs on the Reconstructionist Radio Network.

The following episode aired on May 21st, where I read an essay from my book Empowered, entitled, “Loyal Opposition.”



Listen here:


In my book, The Homeschool Life; Discovering God’s Way to Family-Based Education, I included as an appendix, an essay that struck a chord with me.  I contacted the author and requested permission to include it.  That was granted.  As one of my first episodes on the Reconstructionist Radio Network, I chose to read this essay, because of the upcoming 2017 celebration of Mother’s Day.





A wise man taught me that God is not impressed with the length or eloquence of our prayers. He maintained that short, one-sentence prayers spread throughout our day were more valuable in relating to God. He pointed out that the closest relationships in life are not marked by paragraphs of communication, but rather pertinent, brief dialogues.

I’ve embraced this concept and find that my days are often filled with running, audible dialogue with God (often when I’m by myself). With the advent of Bluetooth technology, most observers probably think I’m talking to another human being when they see me talking while driving solo. I’ve discovered that there are so very many things to talk to God about. Continue reading


I conduct classes in Biblical law for women. Over the course of almost two decades, I have moderated discussions on the specifics of the Ten Commandments, the case laws of the Old Testament, and their applicability for today. It is not that men would not or could not benefit from these classes. It is just that when women get together and really talk, the conversations often go to areas that a) might not interest men b) might seem trivial to men and c) might embarrass men.

Women, being much more personal in their orientation to things, like to really understand how a certain principle or mandate of Scripture applies to the various areas of their lives, right down to the nitty gritty. I am not saying men do not have this need or that they do not engage in such conversations among themselves, but my experience tells me that the conversations would be much less valuable in a mixed group of women and men. Continue reading

Education is often confused with schooling. They are not the same things. Too many people go through twelve-plus years of schooling and fail to be useful to those in their family, social circles, or  jobs. Schooling often develops a mindset of compulsion and requirements, rather than a quest for knowledge. For many, education stops at graduation, if not  before. To be truly useful to the Kingdom of God, we must never stop focusing on education—being a student of God’s Word, and how it applies to every aspect of our lives. This should be the focus of all education, and if  it becomes tedious and irrelevant, it is time to change course. Continue reading

psalm-112On my way to the Farmers Market today, I was happily listening and singing along with Judy Roger’s CD Never Be Shaken, a collection of Psalms put to music.  The title song is taken from Psalm 112 and the lyrics include a list of those who will never be shaken.  It goes,

Who may dwell, Lord, in Your sanctuary?
Who may live, Lord, on Your holy hill?
The vile man He will abhor, honors those who fear the Lord.
He who keeps the Word even when it hurts….
He, oh Lord, may dwell with Thee.

Little did I know I would have a chance to live that out within the hour. Continue reading

ridgegosnellNorma McCorvey died February 18, 2017. Many will not recognize this name, but would recognize the Supreme Court decision named for her, Roe v. Wade. From the biographical information I have on her, she never had an abortion herself, but was used by the culture of death to advance their cause. To her credit, when she came to faith and repentance, she became an advocate for the unborn and for women found in similar circumstances to her own.

Another name not so well known today is that of Kermit Gosnell. He is a Pennsylvania abortionist who not only killed babies in the womb, but for those born alive, he severed their spinal cords with a technique called “snipping.” He also seriously maimed and had a part in the death of a number of his female clients. He is serving a life sentence in prison, and is the subject of a newly released book, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.   Continue reading