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In this podcast interview, Delia and Aaron Davies recount the life and death of their daughter Mila Nova, who was diagnosed with a fatal prenatal condition that would ultimately take her life; but, not before God graciously allowed them and their children to spend time with her.  What follows is an honest and God-honoring account of their journey.



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Four years ago today, I found myself in the ER and was told that I had suffered a heart attack.  How could this be?  Andrea does not get heart attacks.  Well, I did and I had two capable cardiologists who helped me through my emergency.

Here are the before and after photos of what my right coronary artery looked like in the space of a couple of seconds after the removal of the clot.


When I tell people my story, their first reaction is, “I’m so sorry.”  However, my rejoinder is, “No, it was a gift from God that I decided not to waste.”  That investment has paid off.

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In a culture that qualifies as the wicked and perverse generation referenced in Philippians 2:14-16, it is vital that parents are the first source of correct information for their children in dealing with issues of life and death, sexuality, and godly behaviors.  That is the primary reason that a Christian education (whether in a homeschooling setting or a good Christian day school) is a necessary part of rearing faithful children.

In this video discussion, I go into some detail as to how to lay a godly foundation for your children and how to instruct them to maneuver in the midst of a humanistic culture seeking to turn them away from Jesus Christ.


Consider getting my two read-aloud story books for parents and children that model how parents can deal with important issues with their children.

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