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Self-government is first learned in a family where both mother and father instill in their children a healthy fear of God. This is accomplished as boundaries and rules are established from the earliest age, so that the child is not left wondering what is acceptable and what is not. Thus, parenting is a very hands-on activity, and one that needs much training to execute well. The Bible is the great textbook for learning how to (and how not to) be a parent. Godly parents need to know and practice the law of God if they wish to transmit this to their children.

Biblical self-government is the most effective government in the world. People tend to put their focus on civil government and, at that, the offices at the very top. However, without individuals who will govern themselves according to God’s Word (the standard of what is right and what is wrong), there is little hope for true dominion living in the institutions of the family, church, and state, as well as in the spheres of school, or business professions. Continue reading

whole-foodsThere is never a bad time to instruct someone in Biblical law if you are given the chance to do so. Moreover, your listeners do not have to know the worldview behind your comments. I had one such encounter today at Whole Foods.

As I waited in line, the checker, bagger, and customer ahead of me were discussing the actions of the son of the manager of a famous punk rock band (whose name meant nothing to me).* He announced that he intended to burn his deceased parents’ paraphernalia and memorabilia in protest to Britain’s commercialization of punk rock. It seems that what was cutting edge, radical forty years ago has become mainstream today and officially celebrated. Junior wanted no part of it, because he felt it distorted what his father stood for. So, with much fanfare, on Nov. 26, 2016, he made good on his promise  to incinerate his father’s possessions valued at over five million pounds. Continue reading


Rhett Bergeron, M.D., spent an hour with some young people and their parents during an online webinar (#2 in the Chalcedon Virtual Master Class Series), answering their questions and sharing his expertise about health and wellness from a deliberately Biblical perspective.

Chalcedon’s Virtual Master Classes purpose to inspire and instruct the next generation of Christians to learn from individuals who have distinguished themselves in applying the Faith to a specific area of life.  It is meant to encourage, stimulate, and motivate young people to pursue areas of interest and ability and connect them with potential mentors and guides as they seek to serve Christ and His Kingdom.

Dr. Bergeron’s medical practice focuses on nutrition and the role that environmental factors and toxicity have on health and how they cause disease. Additionally, he addresses the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspect of illness. Continue reading

buttingheads2I was reading a devotional a few days ago with my husband, something we do regularly before he heads out to work. The message could not have been more relevant to the reaction to the results of the recent national election. It was written by R.J. Rushdoony many years ago, but remains a timely word for us today. It is entitled, “Contrition.” He notes,

Contrition is not a word we hear much today. In fact, it has an old-fashioned ring to it, and some people are vague as to its meaning. The word “contrition” means being penitent for our sins. The root of the word comes from the Latin and old French, from a word meaning to bruise or to grind. In other words, our sins hurt other people (and offend God). There is therefore no true repentance, no contrition, until what we have done begins to hurt us, to pain us, as we realize what we have done.

America needs a huge dose of contrition. Not only for the obvious sins of abortion and the many overseas wars waged for profit, but also for the devaluation of our money and the rampant overreach of civil government into the affairs of the family, the church, and private associations. What is often overlooked when it comes to contrition, according to Rushdoony, is what happens when we practice it. Continue reading

seekingoutterrorEven before my conversion I was not one to sit through horror movies. Once back in the late 70s, my husband and I walked out of a theater mid-movie because we could see the intensity was only going to get worse. We agreed that we could find a  better use of our time.

Now, as a Christian, I take seriously the many entries in Scripture that talk about the horrifying experiences awaiting those who violate God’s Word, and the consequences to a culture that ignores His commands and mandates. In short, I don’t need to pursue “entertainment” designed to terrify me, since the wisdom I seek begins with a fear of the Lord.

Here we are at the end of October and the prevalence of haunted houses, scary skeletons, and invitations to be scared out of one’s wits strike me as indications of how little fear of the Lord really exists in our culture. It is as though by having this “harmless holiday” we make a conscious effort to ignore the truly horrifying everyday occurrences in abortuaries, bombed civilian targets in other parts of the world, and murders of “enemies” of the establishment—and the judgment that awaits us personally, as well as a nation.

Those who seek out terror for amusement are in for a very rude awakening when the day of judgment arrives. Regardless of all those cute little flannel boards that appear in Sunday school walls, the actual excruciating screams that must have accompanied the Great Flood is a better way to acquaint young ones and new converts about the reality of falling into the hands of an angry God. It’s time we sobered up.

We’d  do better reminding ourselves of God’s promises in Psalm 91 and spend our time glorifying Him in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Better to be scared to life than scared to death!

onceuponatimeLee Duigon, award winning fantasy author of the Bell Mountain novels, spent an hour recently, in an online webinar, with young people answering their questions and sharing his expertise about being a writer.  This was the first installment of the Chalcedon Virtual Master Class Series, a series of  webinars connecting young people with individuals who are making a difference for Christ and His Kingdom as they apply the Christian faith to all of life.

bell-mountain600x900Chalcedon’s Virtual Master Class Series is designed to inspire and instruct the next generation of Christians to learn from individuals who have distinguished themselves in applying the Faith to a specific area of life.  It is meant to encourage, stimulate, and motivate young people to pursue areas of interest and ability and connect them with potential mentors and guides as they seek to serve Christ and His Kingdom.



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whereyouareheadedIt is easy for those of us who have been graced with a knowledge and understanding of the law-word of God to forget how hell-bent and wrong-headed we were prior to receiving the gift of salvation. Depending how long we have walked the journey of faith and with it the sanctification that accompanies obedience, the walk of rebellion against God and our outright disobedience can become a distant memory. But we must recall what it was like to live apart from God because this is the greatest witness we have to those who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ—our own testimony to God’s love and forgiveness.

Sadly, that is not always the case with those numbered among the faithful. Rather than have a heart for the lost and the mire of sin they wallow in, there is a tendency to place a focus on identifying their sinfulness, forgetting but for God’s grace we would all still be in the horrible quagmire of our own sin. By merely pointing out what is wrong with a particular worldview a person holds, many feel that they have completed their Great Commission calling. They have fallen into the trap of seeing only the distance that separates them from others, rather than view the bridge provided by Jesus Himself. Our calling is to understand the premises behind false worldviews and determine how to penetrate them with God’s Word of promise and truth.

When we succumb to what makes us different (the godly vs. the ungodly), rather than what we have in common (a joint need for the salvific work of Jesus), we play into societal forces that win by default if they can get opposing groups to fight against one another. Therefore, skin color becomes a dividing line, or gender, or economic level, or even an opposing religious belief. If we take our eyes off our primary task—seeking and furthering the Kingdom of God—we can become pawns in someone else’s game. Continue reading

phonescamI remember when I first received a call from Jason (or whatever that particular person’s name was) informing me that I had problems with my computer. As it turned out, my computer had been acting up, although it was nothing serious. I was waiting for a good time to have it checked out. So, I was willing to talk with him until I discovered that  he  wanted  me to give him control of my computer. As the expression goes, Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

Periodically over the years, I have received calls from other “helpful Jasons” who are calling to assist me. In the past, I have had some fun with them, saying bizarre things that threw them off guard. Once, I thanked the caller profusely for helping me the previous day at no charge. I told him that it was nice that he had done all this for me for free! Continue reading

1953Recently I recounted my “birth story” to my grandson who asked about the day I was born. I had never shared this with him before, and I was delighted to see his reaction.

My general practitioner M.D. dad had not been at home for the trip to the hospital when my older brother and sister were born. Grandparents had done the duty for both births. When the time came for me to be born, not only was he at home, he was enjoying the New York Yankees playing the Brooklyn Dodgers in what resulted in an 11–7 victory for his Yanks. As he was spurring his team on to victory, my mom informed him that it “was time.” Continue reading


gatewayThe breakdown of the family is a well-documented reality. But pundits, candidates, politicians, preachers, and educators alike continue to turn to statist solutions to the social ills of our day, failing to recognize that they result from a failure to abide by God’s architecture for society.

In God’s economy, the family is the primary institution that is to train individuals to become responsible participants in every sphere of life. Even among those who acknowledge the Biblical jurisdiction of the family, the sad reality is that very few have any practical concept as to how to turn things around, or even know where to begin. The book of Genesis is the necessary “starting point” (forgive the pun) in determining how this should play out in day-to-day life. With Genesis as our foundation, we can then proceed through the laws of the Pentateuch for our blueprint for social order. Only then can we hope to make any lasting difference beyond the walls of our homes. Continue reading