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Teaching Your Children to Write Webinar


writingAs a writer, nothing gratifies me more than hearing from people how they have benefited from something I have written. But, my contributions have not been developed in a vacuum. I’ve had the assistance of mentors, editors, friends, and family who have given me feedback and challenged me to make my thinking more precise. One of the ways I can give as freely as I’ve been given is to share what I have learned along the way.

My most requested convention talk over the years has dealt with how to teach children to write. Many of the women I mentor have asked me to help them develop this skill in their children. As a result, I have turned my convention talk into a webinar presentation that is designed to help parents learn some of the basics of writing and how to transmit these to their children. However, even if you are not actively engaged in instructing young people, I believe you will benefit from the presentation and come to understand that writing is one of the most effective ways to transmit the truth of the Gospel.



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