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It is a sad commentary on our day that Bible believing Christians place more trust in expediency and pragmatism than they do in the sovereignty of God.

Think I’m overstating the case?  Just look at how often you hear the phrase, “We must choose between the lesser of two evils.”  And, this is not just reserved for politics.  It is manifested in the toleration of antinomian churches, reprobate public schools, and an ungodly media (“What alternatives do we have for entertainment?”).

R.J. Rushdoony hits the nail of the head when he states,

“Without the fixed limits of God’s law, expediency and pragmatism will govern men and lead them from evil to evil.

“We either grow from strength to strength in the Lord, or, by compromise with our reasoning and logic, we become that which we may have once despised and called debased. If we are not the servants of God who believe and obey His every law-word, we become our own law-makers, justifying one evil after another in terms of expediency.”

It is high time we decide how seriously we take our professions of faith, to ensure they are not empty ones.


Excerpted from Chariots of Prophetic Fire, by R. J. Rushdoony, p. 144

Sometimes the greatest lessons come in hindsight, once there is distance from a painful time in someone’s life.  Listen as one Christian woman discusses her abusive first marriage and how knowing and understanding Biblical law has helped her personally, and to instruct and assist others.

This podcast first appeared in the Reconstructionist Radio Network. Worth the listen.


[This essay first appeared in the March/April edition of Faith for All of Life]

Many idiomatic expressions decorate the landscape of our speech. Finding oneself “between a rock and a hard place” is among them. The common understanding involves  a situation where one is faced with two equally difficult alternatives. However, the expression does not do justice to reality. If we posit that God’s Word is a faith for all of life, and the attendant faith involves application, then each situation we face may have difficult alternatives, but there will be a righteous one to choose.

As our culture has drifted away even from the superficial Christianity of the past seventy years, we have lost a societal compass that had a basis in Biblical truth, although a remnant of one. Jesus’ words have meaning that are largely lost today when He stated:

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matt. 7:13–14)


This podcast originally appeared on the Reconstructionist Radio Network. Listen as I speak with Jennifer Dages, a homeschooling mom with a nursing background who makes health a top priority for her family and herself. She discusses some simple approaches to deal with illness and enhance the prevention of common health problems. You may also want to check out my webinar, To Your Health: Prevention Before a Crisis which originally was posted in 2015.


Many people have resigned themselves to the “reality” that our society is not only violent, but will continue to escalate even more so.  As a student of the Bible, I know that when people do things God’s way, blessings follow.  The opposite is true when they use the ways of the world.

In this Out of the Question Podcast episode, my co-host Pastor Charles Roberts and I discuss the subject of the recent shooting in Florida.

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The Bible instructs us to make our petitions known to God —  to pray without ceasing.  However, there a lawful way to pray so as to glorify God, and ways that do not.  In this Kingdom-driven Family Podcast, my guest, Cathey Brown, and I discuss some current practices when it comes to prayer meetings and how believers share prayer requests.

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Much of the conflict in society stems from a systematic breakdown of the Biblical family.  Even in Christian circles, after years of investment in the lives of their children, parents are often at a loss as to why their influence wanes.  Is a generation gap inevitable?

In this Out of the Question Podcast: Why Don’t My Children Listen to Me Anymore?, my co-host Charles Roberts and I discuss the present weakness of the family.

“The Christian faith once meant that a believer responded to a dark world by actively working to bring God’s grace and mercy to others, both by word and by deed. However, a modern, self-centered church has isolated the faith to a pietism that relinquishes charitable responsibility to the state. The end result has been the empowering of a humanistic world order.  (Excerpted from the backliner to “In His Service: The Christian Calling to Charity” by R.J. Rushdoony.)

Periodically I get emails from people asking for my advice.  What follows is an example of someone putting her faith into action, (in thought, word, and deed), despite criticism from those who profess Christ but do not truly confess Him in any orthodox sense.

Hi Ms. Andrea!

I have written you before and am writing again to ask you a question regarding Stewardship. (Continue reading…)


The Kingdom of God advances when women with years of experience applying the Word of God to every area of life and thought teach younger women how to love their husbands and children. This is what godly mentorship is all about. Listen as host Andrea Schwartz and her guest, Beth Bingaman, share their thoughts and advice to would-be mentors and those who would benefit from finding a mentor.

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Question: Why are we constantly under surveillance?

Question Behind the Question:  What is it about the mindset of our society that sets up a situation where our freedoms are threatened?

Episode #1 of the OUT OF THE QUESTION Podcast addresses this from a biblical point of view.