The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

Clock_in_Hand_by_EgoDerelinquoMany women claim that they are just too busy to put serious reading into their schedules. By serious reading, I mean books on a variety of subjects that will improve a woman’s ability to run her household better. A woman’s response to a problem or crisis that arises in her household will be enhanced to the degree she has become competent in a variety of areas prior to the need. With all the resources available in the internet age, she can become knowledgeable in the subject where she needs assistance.

Suppose one of her children is having difficulty in acquiring a skill that older children learned easily. Rather than categorize the child as “slow” or “delayed,” the mother needs to do some online research, seek out experienced mothers, and possibly make a trip to the library. These efforts can help the mother understand how to help the child through this learning difficulty.

How about a diagnosis of diabetes that her spouse receives? If she has already been informing herself on health issues, she has many more protocols (including alternative ones) to pursue to help her husband control and possibly reverse the problem. With such a scenario, the doctor becomes just one of a number of resources at the family’s disposal.

How about a controversy affecting those in her church family? Knowing the particulars of opposing points of view will help her family maneuver through any hard feelings and potentially facilitate reconciliation. In addition, being firmly grounded in the Word of God is essential for assessing church conflicts, to differentiate between orthodoxy issues and those of hurt feelings.

In all these areas, being out in front of issues is far superior to having to learn on the fly. This acquired knowledge can prove useful to other families going through similar circumstances. Time invested in becoming well-versed in a variety of topics will pay back in future dividends for more than just her own household.

My point is a simple one. The wife/mother (woman of the house) needs to assume the perspective that she is the household manager rather than the laborer of the home. The presence of children actually enhances her ability to learn her craft better. The children can be assigned age-appropriate tasks, thereby giving their mom the opportunity to become a better manager. Since the family members will all benefit from the fruits of her learning, they have a vested interest in giving her time to pursue her ongoing education.


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
(Psalm 90:12)

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