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rockclimbingWhat would it be like as a home educator to participate in a self-paced, teacher-training program that allowed you to work under the guidance and direction of an experienced mentor? The CTTI mentoring program (which I founded in 2008) is such a program. Participants have the advantage of being guided and mentored by me, a homeschooling veteran with over 30 years of experience.

Many who decide to homeschool often feel as though there are gaps in their own education. Unlike other teacher training, CTTI allows and encourages the homeschool teacher to “remain on the job” while advancing her own education. This unique aspect provides a “hands on” approach to the coursework, enabling the homeschool teacher to immediately apply what she is learning to the real-life situations with her students.  As a self-paced program, the participant never has to go faster than her schedule permits.

Single women and/or new mothers who wish to prepare themselves spiritually, philosophically, and scholastically for the role of homeschooling teacher also can benefit from this course of study, as can those who may not wish to homeschool, but who want to be able to adequately supervise their children’s education in a Christian day-school setting.

Location is not a problem as mentoring is conducted by phone or via Skype.  The program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and allows for flexibility in books/materials used and the frequency of mentoring sessions.

It’s a “win-win” situation! Click here to obtain more information.


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