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arrow_story_thumbA woman I know in Texas has taken the Scriptural command to train up her children in the way they should go by getting them involved in the issues that she and her husband find important. They recently began holding up signs from their yard encouraging residents of their town to vote “no” on a bond issue. You would not believe the uproar from their opponents. Someone tried to get them evicted from their home (the person thought they were renters rather than homeowners). They received a call from the county criminal judge asking them to cease from holding their signs. This woman and her husband are learning that their growing “quiver” is making a difference! So much so, that they are considered a menace by those who are in favor of the bond issue. It is at the core of this Kingdom-driven family that they make knowing and applying God’s law a priority in their lives.

Too many Christian families are missing valuable opportunities to influence the future of our society, by relegating certain things to the adult world and certain things to the world of children. By pursuing such a fragmented view of life, they actually help perpetuate the ungodliness of the society they endeavor to transform.

For example, last week I attended the annual fundraiser for the local pregnancy resource center. This ministry has strategically placed its influence right in the backyard of the abortion industry, by locating three medical clinics in close proximity to Planned Parenthood facilities. Although I applaud the work they do, I had to take exception to a remark one of the speakers made. He said that this work is the solution to the problem of abortion. I disagree. It is a stop-gap measure until our society respects that life comes from God and no inconvenience or dire circumstances gives anyone the prerogative to take what He has created. If that is not the solution, what is?

In looking around the room that evening, what were missing were children. With the exception of my two grandchildren whose father traveled with them almost three hours to attend the event, I think there was only one other child in attendance. Why is this important? Because if we make issues like abortion foremost in children’s minds, and teach them to share their views in their day-to-day lives, we won’t need special programs to combat the killing of children in the womb. They, being on the front lines of the effort, will understand from a young age that God’s mandates matter and they will be ready to share that information with those they interact with.

My son’s pattern is a pattern that began when he was the age of his children. I would take him with me to man pro-life booths, participate in walks for life, write for our Kids for Life Newsletter, and help produce promotional pro-life videos. I also encouraged him to make tithing a mainstay of managing his money. What was instilled in his youth has carried over to his adult life.

When the time came for people to hand in their donations, both of my grandchildren were given the opportunity by their father to place donations of their own in the offering basket. My son was teaching them that they are a part of the solution. Long after the memory of the speakers fades, and they grow out of the clothes they were wearing that evening, there will be the lasting impression that taking the life of a baby in the womb goes against everything they were created to be and do. What’s more, they will have become invested in changing the status quo.

The children of my friend in Texas will grow up with the practical understanding that the acquisition of civil government debt (bonds issues), that burdens future generations, is just as ungodly as stealing from someone’s purse or bank account. I say this because they have seen first-hand what is important to their parents.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame
when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

(Psalm 127:4–5)

One thought on “Don’t Forget the Kids

  1. Danny Wright says:

    We have a prop that is attempting to get rid of these state retirement programs that put people on easy street at 55 years of age, and at the taxpayer’s expense. As we were walking around the neighborhood the other day and I was telling them that you could tell where the state workers lived because they had signs in their yard telling us to vote no on the proposition. I wonder how many of their fellow Christians, who are looking forward to being on the taxpayer doles, were upset with this family?

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