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Women tend to minimize warning signs when it comes to serious health issues.  In fact, women are more likely than men to dismiss pain or symptoms of heart problems, and to delay seeking medical help.

Researchers found that women were more likely than men to wait for symptoms to become more severe and more frequent before consulting with a doctor. They report that when women experience even a small improvement of symptoms, they tend to dismiss the problem for a longer period of time.

Why is this? Women tend to prioritize their concern for others and focus on  care-taking over concern for their own well-being.  With the responsibility of running a household, caring for and educating children, and being a support for their husbands, this is understandable, however unwise it may be.

Since heart disease is a leading cause of death and can strike anyone, it is important to make healthy choices as an important part of prevention, as is understanding the symptoms and acting on them without delay.  Since there are varied opinions and points of view when it comes to what a healthy lifestyle entails, sorting through it all can be daunting.

Join me at 1:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Thursday, December 4th, for a webinar that will cover my experiences and research over these past couple of months after some of my own medical challenges.  I was one of those women described above, and by God’s grace, I’ve learned quite a lot that I hope to share with other women.



One thought on “A Webinar for Women

  1. orlagh says:

    Hello Andrea,looking forward to the webinar later today,quick question…I have just listened to your talk on “How to be a Godly wife etc” ( not too sure if that was the exact heading,hopefully, you know which one I mean,as, I would like to put it on my f/book page,and hopefully,start a “conversatikon” !! Thanks Orlagh


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