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changesSix months ago I was told that I had experienced a heart attack. To be honest, it was one of the last things I ever expected to hear. Beginning with my night in the Intensive Care Unit, to my ambulance ride to another hospital to have a catherization procedure, God gave me plenty of opportunities to take inventory on my life.  From that point, I began an ongoing quest to understand more about health, nutrition, and what it means to really have a godly lifestyle.  I also discovered things about myself that needed some improvement. In the process, there have been some significant changes in my daily life.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. I manage to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
2. I’ve stopped eating all processed foods and sugary desserts.
3. Green smoothies are part of my daily routine.
4. I settle disputes quickly and refuse to let things build up inside.
5. I don’t bypass clothes in my closest as “too nice” to wear everyday. I wear them.
6. Instead of hanging on to things I don’t use, are broken, or I don’t like, I find a new home for them – sometimes the trash can.
7. We eat out less because I can make better food at home.
8. I make my own kefir.
9. I’ve begun a garden and am having great fun with my compost and mulch beds.
10. I’ve started some worm bins and feed my worms all our vegetable scraps, thereby having less garbage.
11. I hardly ever sit now when I am at the computer. I created a setup where I stand most of the time.
12. I am willing to try new things, outside my comfort zone.
13. I embrace the learning curve with new undertakings in my life. I realize I’ll make mistakes and that doesn’t bother me anymore.
14. I realize that there are still so many things worth learning in life. I hope to learn them.
15. I exercise with more intensity, treating it as an important part of my day.
16. I appreciate my family and close friends in a more deliberate way as true gifts from God.
17. I’m bolder in sharing Christ with others, sometimes even strangers, taking every opportunity to bring God into the discussion.
18. I’ve finally learned what it means to pray without ceasing.

Here’s to a Kingdom-Driven 2015!

One thought on “This Past 1/2 Year

  1. nancy wilk says:

    Thanks Andrea. I want to remember and apply the truth that faith is for all of life. His word speaks to how we educate our children, how we eat, how we do relationships, everything. This is not just “church” stuff!


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