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heartweightsAfter presenting my health webinar three to four times, I decided I would put the entire webinar into a 60 minute presentation for people to view at their leisure, rather than try to work  their schedules to coincide with a live presentation. Time zones have a way of getting in the way of perfectly good plans!  🙂

So, here is a link to the hour-long presentation– To Your Health: Prevention Before a Crisis.  If you were among those who attended one of the live webinars, I have both refined and edited this presentation to come in under an hour. It is also free of the technical difficulties we encountered.  I invite you to share the link with others, as the information included will be of use to men and women of all ages, and in our day, to children, too.

I plan to do a series of webinars in 2015 that will cover many of the conference and convention talks I have presented over the years.  I find no good reason not to make use of technology to help families right in the comfort of their own homes to learn things that I’ve shared many times in various places.  I will likely do a number of them live so to “work out the kinks” before I finalize them into presentations to share. Subscribers to my e-letter will be given priority in attendance for these live sessions which are limited to 25 people..  I also invite you subscribe to this twice-a-week e-letter.

Do let me know if there are topics or subjects you would like to see covered in future webinars, and I will do my best to accommodate.  Use the contact form on the health webinar page of this website to share your thoughts.

Finally, my prayer for 2015 is for us to follow God’s law, see the Lord work in all circumstances of our lives, and expect Him to equip us to pursue His Kingdom and His Righteousness with vigor, vitality, and perseverance.

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