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adoption-childRecently, while negotiating a service with a salesman, I commented that his physical features didn’t match his last name. He was obviously Asian, but his last name was Irish. He informed me that he had been adopted from Korea as a child as a result of being born to an unwed mother whose boyfriend’s family forbade their marriage. Through an intermediary, he was adopted by a Korean/American couple, and thus the last name of Sullivan. This resulted in a conversation about how grateful he must be to both his adopted mother and his biological mother who chose not to pursue the easy route of abortion. He agreed, and shared with me that he is the father of two boys.

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. While it is appropriate to mourn the deaths of the millions killed by the barbaric and selfish practice of abortion, there are countless stories of people who beat the odds and who were brought into the world in spite of the ease by which their lives could have been snuffed out. Here is one account written by a friend of mine.

Roe v. Wade was decided on this day in 1973. In 1977, an eighteen-year-old girl newly away from home got pregnant. She was just starting college. She had every reason to get a now-legal abortion. Instead of winding up at a Planned Parenthood, she wound up at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. She heard the gospel and decided to undertake the difficult task of taking a pregnancy to term. At the end of that pregnancy, she gave me to Buckner Baptist Adoption Agency and three days later I was with my parents.

In 2012, a mentally-challenged woman on government assistance met a guy at a club. He impregnated her. She didn’t realize what had happened until it was nearly time to deliver the baby. Otherwise, every pressure would have been on her to abort the baby. Seven days after he was born, Bethany and I picked up our son from the hospital.

I had a narrow escape. Duncan’s was even less likely. Tens of millions didn’t make it at all though. Let’s mourn them and try to save every life we can.

The people who will take children into their homes from across an ocean or from within their own city are the sort of people who practice true and honest religion. Not all people are in a position to do so, but we are all in a position to help those who do. These are the living testimonies as to why in a very practical sense we must pray and act to restore our society to one that embraces the law of God and works to put His Commandments into practice.

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