The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

dont-reinvent-the-wheel-21374675Recognizing the Kingdom of God and its justice system has everything to do with God’s law. If we do not become expert in the application of God’s commands to every area of life and thought, we can convince ourselves that we are pleasing God when in actuality we are pleasing ourselves. For example, justifying the choice of having our children educated in a humanistic school system so that we can better use our time and resources to “serve the Kingdom” pits one of God’s laws against another. By failing to live out a systematic theology, all our lamenting about “how bad things are getting” becomes just a smokescreen for irresponsible behavior.

Too many people place learning and applying God’s law on the back burner because they are too busy acquiring the necessities of life. For a growing Christian family this can include homeschooling the children, trying to make ends meet, and maintaining a busy social schedule of church, extracurricular activities, music lessons, and sports. By waiting until the time is more conducive to learn the law of God, they forfeit the very tools they need to maneuver through a sinful world. Ephesians doesn’t call the Word of God the sword of the Spirit for nothing! (Eph. 6;17)

Many of my contemporaries are learning the hard way that important life decisions like marriage, family relocation, and caring for sick and elderly parents need to be approached by going to God’s law first rather than when things begin to fall apart. The “could haves and should haves” are avoidable if our priorities are in order—living life God’s way. Modern Christianity has fallen into the trap of the urgent rather than the eternal. What will matter years from now is of greater importance than the score in the baseball game today or the flawless piano recital of last weekend. Rushing into life-changing decisions without examining them from many facets of God’s law-word may produce temporal happiness but will eventually end in misery.

Fixing things when they break only works if you know how to fix things. God’s law is the users’ manual which gives us His view on the way things should work. We can do things the hard way, or place the Lord’s yoke upon ourselves, and carry the burdens He ordains for us to carry. The choices we make in this regard will determine if we are truly seeking God’s Kingdom or the kingdom of man.

One thought on “Doing Things the Hard Way

  1. Savannah says:

    Thank you for this post…it is always good to hear these sorts of reminders. It is so easy to forget to remember what God has taught us….


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