The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

likemindedThere are times you meet people for the first time and the interaction is almost as though you’ve known them for years. Why? Because you share the same worldview and have similar reference points. Many lament that there aren’t more like-minded people who live in their area and feeling all alone often makes them lose heart.

The good news is that with the use of technology, the country and the world get much smaller. Conversations with people on other continents is possible using a computer or a smart phone. That said, it is rewarding to have face-to-face encounters with those who share the same passion for applying the Word of God to all areas of their lives. Meetings and fellowship with kindred souls should be made a priority.

But God must want His people decentralized, as He could easily have placed us all in the same geographical location. His reasoning may well be that our job as Christians is to help create like-minded folks from the people with whom we have regular contact.

Just this evening when I accompanied my daughter to the phone store to upgrade her phone, we got into a lengthy discussion about homeschooling. How did it start? The salesperson, who was a local, asked her where she had gone to high school. When she responded that she was homeschooled, he was curious about the reasons behind it and brought another salesperson into the discussion. Amazingly, both were in total agreement about the sorry condition of the public schools. We were able to present the positives as to why parents should consider homeschooling for their children’s education.

As we were leaving, the second salesperson shook my hand and thanked me for giving her something to think about. I shared the name of my book on homeschooling and she said she was going to seriously consider home educating her children. The short interaction and discussion, in addition to witnessing the relationship that my grown daughter and I have was a testimony to the validity of our educational choice.

By all means, seek out every opportunity for your family to enjoy the company of those who share your worldview. But, seize every opportunity to share your story with those whose worldview fails them regularly. This is how the Kingdom of God is built.

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