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pregnancytestOne wonders what it will take to get lawmakers to recognize the magnitude of the continual sin our nation commits by maintaining the legality of abortion. If the videos from the Center for Medical Progress are not enough evidence to prove that abortion is the slaughter of innocent children, what additional proof will persuade pro-choicers? What do the proponents of abortion see (or fail to see) that makes them immovable in their position? By what standard can they determine good or evil when they hold to such a false center?

R.J. Rushdoony describes this well in his poem entitled “False Centers.”*

False centers will not hold.
Things fly apart, confusion reigns, and only taxes hold the state together.
Powers now do lie within oppressor’s hands, and men are cold towards virtue, prone to sin and treason.
There is a hunger for false goals,
A riot of unreason, a season of insanity.
Men scamper in the shoals of death, all heedless of the waves of danger.
False centers throw all things into destruction.
Nothing saves the centerless. The dead can never grow.
The center is not of us.
Neither time nor man provides the gravity, neither can be God.
Neither can provide the center, save He who rose again, when He had died.

Our Kingdom task in this regard remains a vitally important one. We must expose these deeds of darkness unashamedly, and let those with unplanned and inconvenient pregnancies know that abortion will not save them from their circumstances, no matter how difficult they appear. We need to proclaim that there is only one Savior, namely Jesus Christ, who can deliver them.

There are those who do not seek out abortions for themselves, who claim they are pro-life, but fail to make this a matter of vital priority in their Kingdom service. We must not hesitate to confront them with their responsibility. Are they willing to engage co-workers and family members in a call to action? Are they willing to unashamedly rest their arguments on Scripture, letting those in their circle of influence know that as believers they cannot remain silent? Are they willing to risk much by standing for Christ? They must no longer sit on the fence. We may just have to push them off their fences and let them demonstrate where their loyalties truly lie.

As the poem so pointedly states, taxes (in this case used to fund Planned Parenthood), hold the state and its wickedness in place. Since governments do not earn the money they spend, those of us whose funds help perpetuate this travesty must not allow this subject to become yesterday’s news. Risk losing some friendships. Better yet, live out Proverbs 27:6 and be that faithful friend who cares enough to tell it like it is. We must be like the widow who refused to relent before the unjust judge (Luke 18:1-8). He finally gave in because of her persistence. We must work until God moves those in positions of power to end legalized abortion. Moreover, we must envision victory in order to attain it!


Listen to Rev. Joseph Morecraft recite the poem, False Centers.


*From The Luxury of Words: Poems of Rousas John Rushdoony.

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