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bullyA law has passed in California that now will make its way to the governor for signature. He is most likely to sign it. The law requires pregnancy care centers (those whose mission it is to encourage women not to kill their unborn children) to post in large letters (font size is mandated in the law) information (including phone numbers) as to where women can obtain abortions.

On the official website for the state, you can read the entire bill. What follows is a direct quote from the comments section. Emphasis is mine.

PURPOSE OF THIS BILL. According to the author, California has a proud legacy of respecting reproductive freedom and funding forward thinking programs to provide reproductive health assistance to low income women. The author notes that according to the Department of Health Care Services, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act expansion has made millions of Californians, 53% of them women, newly eligible for Medi-cal. The author states because pregnancy decisions are time sensitive, California women should receive information about their rights and available services at the sites where they obtain care.

The author contends that, unfortunately, there are nearly 200 licensed and unlicensed clinics known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in California whose goal is to interfere with women’s ability to be fully informed and exercise their reproductive rights, and that CPCs pose as full-service women’s health clinics, but aim to discourage and prevent women from seeking abortions. The author concludes that these intentionally deceptive advertising and counseling practices often confuse, misinform, and even intimidate women from making fully-informed, time-sensitive decisions about critical health care.

Abortuaries that encourage women to kill their babies without knowledge of any life-giving alternatives are resorting to mandating that pro-life pregnancy centers provide information writ large as to where women can go to kill their babies. Abortuaries are not required to provide similar information as to where women can go for alternatives to abortion. Welcome to the new tyranny!

It is obvious that abortion promoters know that they cannot win the abortion debate in a head-to-head discussion when all the facts surrounding pregnancy, gestation of a child, and the grim details of the abortion procedures become known. Despite the fact that major media and state schools have been promoting the abortionists’ party line for decades and concealing the grim reality of post abortion remorse, they are now resorting to having crisis pregnancy centers advertise for them.

The Scripture states that all that hate God love death (Prov. 8:36). These perpetrators of evil are not satisfied with the numbers of babies they currently murder. They want to make sure they do not miss an opportunity to kill. Their mission is not about women’s health, but rather maximum profit for the abortion industry and those entities that want an uninterrupted supply of fetal body tissue and organs.

Does this mean that the bad guys win? Hardly. I see this overreach by the enemies of God (if this ends up becoming law) as a perfect opportunity for counselors at pregnancy centers to explain in detail what a trip to an abortion clinic will entail. I imagine it would be a loving act to let a woman know that the center is required to refer her for abortion because abortion clinics do not want to miss any chance to convince her to kill her child. It would be the perfect time to show and explain in words, photos, and videos what will become of her child if she chooses to abort. Yes, it is indeed true that pregnancy decisions are time sensitive, and once she shows up at an abortion clinic, the stakes for her unborn child become much higher.

God is on the throne. I predict this strategy of overreach will eventually backfire on the wicked. In a similar way, it was Pharaoh’s overreach, mandating that Hebrew families kill their infant boys (Ex. 1:22), which drove them to repent and ask God for deliverance. One of the babies not killed became the deliverer. The results, as we know, were not good for those who defied the Living God!

The enemies of God are concerned that the tide is turning. The enactment of such a desperate mandate is evidence of their desperation. Now that readily available concrete evidence exists demonstrating the real motives of the abortion industry, we can pray that God will bring abortion minded men and women into our lives so that we can shine the light of truth into theirs. Maybe it is appropriate to congregate in front of pregnancy care centers with signs letting passersby know this is where help can be found.

Prayer and righteous commitment is something the abortion advocates will never have on their side. So, petition God to bring to you people you can influence and assist. Become known as a person or family that is willing to help those with messy lives. This is the strategy of letting our light shine, pointing people to the Father. This winning strategy comes from a law not written by men, but one written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit!

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