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Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

trustee_edited_lgThe Christian school that my three grandchildren attend has a yearly event that invites grandparents to come and enjoy time in the classroom. This year, despite the fact that I live a good three hours away, my grandson asked if I would attend. The date immediately went on my calendar. This past Friday I found myself in an auditorium with at least a hundred other grandparents—some older and some younger than me. What we all had in common was that our children’s children were being educated in an environment that honors God and teaches the students to love Him by learning to keep His commandments.

I first visited my two granddaughters’ classrooms (Pre-K and second grade). Then I made my way to the third grade classroom. The look on my grandson’s face when I entered is something I hope never to forget. His expression of joy and gratitude was only surpassed by his delight as we spent time doing the project his teacher had planned for us. We were to list things we have in common. The most important one is that we share a faith in Jesus Christ.

As a veteran homeschooling mom, and a mentor to many others, I do all I can to encourage parents who are called to educate their children at home. Not all are in a position to do this because of financial circumstances or their feeling of inadequacy when it comes to teaching. However, providing a Christian education is a must, even if it means sacrificial budgeting in order to handle tuition. If we want our young people to grow into responsible, faithful, Christian adults, we must ensure that all subject areas are taught from a Biblical worldview. While this is ultimately the responsibility of parents, the rest of the body of Christ can participate also.

I can think of no greater investment than helping to finance Christian education for the next generation. Help support Christian schools (yes, even if you homeschool), so that there will continue to be viable alternatives to the secular state schools. The support can come in a variety of ways: financial, time, effort, encouragement, and prayer. Retired people living on a pension can donate their time as teachers, not expecting to be paid. I know of a husband and wife who have done just that and began a school in Puebla, Mexico.

There is too much as stake for us not to take this step. For those in the body of Christ without grandchildren, find a family in your congregation that could use extra hands-on support with the raising of their children. Tutoring, outings, or just regular interaction will go a long way in building a strong personal bond. I am encouraged that this simple step of offering our time and effort can create such a strong societal foundation, that I believe we are foolish not to pursue it. Moreover, do not wait to be asked. Whether you are biologically related or related by faith, you can help make every day Grandparents Day!


Learn more about building a Biblical Trustee Family.

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