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Rush_DorothyOne hundred years ago today, God sent me a gift that I didn’t discover until sixty-nine years later. And, since then, I’ve been blessed in a multitude of ways because of this gift. One hundred years ago, R.J. Rushdoony was born to immigrants who, by God’s grace, survived the massacres in Armenia. Rushdoony’s father believed that God had spared his family for a purpose, and strongly felt that his son, Rousas John, was an integral part of that purpose.

When my husband and I first encountered Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law, we felt that a bright light had entered our lives and a great burden had been removed. Since then,  we have applied the concept that our Christian faith is a faith that governs every aspect of our lives, and we have been able to embrace Jesus’s words more fully: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you (Matt. 6:33).

It would be wrong to assume that the benefits obtained by applying all of Scripture (including the implications of its doctrines) have always been merely theoretical or intellectual exercises. The advantage of living with the knowledge that our Creator and Savior has  left us with guidance and direction has made mundane, everyday experiences opportunities to further His Kingdom. Whether it is my husband’s task of dealing with integrity and uprightness while dealing with his business customers, or my acting as the household manager making daily decisions about our family’s well-being, we have been able to seek and stay on the narrow path that leads to life chiefly because of Rushdoony’s exposition of the Bible’s blueprint for living.

Of course,  there have been bumps along the way. In fact, it is during times of turmoil and stress that Biblical law facilitates restoration and reconciliation when breeches have occurred. When we fail in our daily living (and this is an ever-present reality), confession, repentance, and forgiveness allow us to persevere. Knowing how to respond correctly to our shortcomings (rendering restitution where due and seeking forgiveness from those we have trespassed), enables us to resume fellowship with them and with our Lord.

I doubt that the saints who die and stand before the face of God celebrate their earthly birthdays, considering Whose presence they enjoy. Nevertheless, noting the one hundredth anniversary of God’s gift to me of a spiritual father, mentor, and theologian who had a profound influence on my life, the life of my family, and countless others around the world is something worth remembering.

Happy Birthday, Rush!

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