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mirror-2-200x300The sin of Genesis 3:5 involved Adam and Eve failing to accept and live by God’s absolute standard in the design and proper use of the things He had created. As a result, all of us have been born with the propensity to want to have our will be done. The only way to maneuver successfully through the maze of life with other sinners  is to have a standard that transcends us all. In other words, we can only thrive in life if we align ourselves to an absolute, unchanging standard. Thankfully, God has supplied us with such in His law-word, found within the pages of Scripture.

Today in the midst of going about my regular routine, I was able to see some humorous examples of this truth.

Example #1

While I was working out at the gym, a woman walked into the workout area wearing  headphones. It was obvious that she was listening to someone singing and she was wholeheartedly singing along. Unfortunately, she was oblivious to her off-key rendition of whatever duet she was attempting. She smiled and waved at those of us who were present, quite happy and satisfied with herself.

While it is totally acceptable to enjoy one’s workout, I’m fairly certain that if she could have heard herself, she might have adjusted any number of components. While not all of us are Grammy-worthy in our singing efforts, most of us do not enjoy discordant  music.  Here is a mundane, practical way to apply the directive to, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Example #2

While driving home from the gym, I had to stop and pick up a couple of items. Upon entering a shopping center that I do not usually frequent, I noticed that there was a new business—a gym—named Planet Fitness. Next to this gym was another marque in the same lettering and design read “No Judgement Zone.” Now maybe it’s because I’ve been a home educator for so long and a grammar and spelling snob, that I immediately saw that the word judgment was misspelled. When I went into the drugstore to shop, I asked the clerk what was the business next door that was called “No Judgement Zone.” He said it was Planet Fitness. I asked if he realized the word judgment was misspelled. He hadn’t. His response was funny, “Maybe they want people to know they can work out even if they can’t spell.”

One would imagine that those who have invested in starting an international franchised company would have expected someone to have proofread their logo and corporate trademark, before having to live with such a blunder. (1) all people, lawyers who handled the legal end of things should have spotted the misspelling, since in their profession they deal with judgments all the time. Not only must there be an outside standard to evaluate the correctness of anything, but also that standard needs to be consulted and followed to avoid embarrassments like this one.

On a more serious and important note, however, is the fact that if we fail to abide by the standards of our Creator in living our lives and pursuing our various paths, we will suffer the eternal consequences of giving ourselves high marks when, in fact, we have missed the mark.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much (Luke 16:10).



(1) Fellow grammarians will note that term "judgment-free" serves as an adjective in this context. Therefore, it should be hyphenated! 

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