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seekingoutterrorEven before my conversion I was not one to sit through horror movies. Once back in the late 70s, my husband and I walked out of a theater mid-movie because we could see the intensity was only going to get worse. We agreed that we could find a  better use of our time.

Now, as a Christian, I take seriously the many entries in Scripture that talk about the horrifying experiences awaiting those who violate God’s Word, and the consequences to a culture that ignores His commands and mandates. In short, I don’t need to pursue “entertainment” designed to terrify me, since the wisdom I seek begins with a fear of the Lord.

Here we are at the end of October and the prevalence of haunted houses, scary skeletons, and invitations to be scared out of one’s wits strike me as indications of how little fear of the Lord really exists in our culture. It is as though by having this “harmless holiday” we make a conscious effort to ignore the truly horrifying everyday occurrences in abortuaries, bombed civilian targets in other parts of the world, and murders of “enemies” of the establishment—and the judgment that awaits us personally, as well as a nation.

Those who seek out terror for amusement are in for a very rude awakening when the day of judgment arrives. Regardless of all those cute little flannel boards that appear in Sunday school walls, the actual excruciating screams that must have accompanied the Great Flood is a better way to acquaint young ones and new converts about the reality of falling into the hands of an angry God. It’s time we sobered up.

We’d  do better reminding ourselves of God’s promises in Psalm 91 and spend our time glorifying Him in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Better to be scared to life than scared to death!

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