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I conduct classes in Biblical law for women. Over the course of almost two decades, I have moderated discussions on the specifics of the Ten Commandments, the case laws of the Old Testament, and their applicability for today. It is not that men would not or could not benefit from these classes. It is just that when women get together and really talk, the conversations often go to areas that a) might not interest men b) might seem trivial to men and c) might embarrass men.

Women, being much more personal in their orientation to things, like to really understand how a certain principle or mandate of Scripture applies to the various areas of their lives, right down to the nitty gritty. I am not saying men do not have this need or that they do not engage in such conversations among themselves, but my experience tells me that the conversations would be much less valuable in a mixed group of women and men.

Currently, I have four online studies that I moderate. One group that has been ongoing for over two-plus years is studying the Ninth Commandment. Another is in the midst of the Seventh Commandment, and my newest group (almost a year in progress) has just begun the Sixth Commandment. This past February, I completed the study with a group of women who began with me in 2013. This does not include a woman who studies individually with me and is close to completing the study that began about five years ago. In her defense, she is the mother of eight and had two babies during this time!

Recently, one of the sections in the study dealt with the subject of bestiality. I always comment when we get to this section, “Not exactly dinner party conversation.” During the first study I did in the late nineties, this subject seemed distant and irrelevant. Fast-forward  to 2017. I invite you to do an internet search and discover how many mainstream colleges are offering classes exploring this subject in academia’s “objective” style.  We can no longer  hide behind the foolish concept that this topic is one we can ignore.

So, why does a woman (wife, mother, daughter, friend) need to know and understand the Biblical perspective on such an issue? If she is going to be of use to the Kingdom of God, she needs to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within her on ALL topics that come up. Rest assured, those who are homeschooling little ones today will need to prepare them for the realities of their adult lives. Too soon, it will be realized that the comeback, “Well, that’s gross!” will not suffice  to explain why something is wrong. Just think of the many things that have been mainstreamed today that  a few decades ago were considered  things good people did not discuss.

This is just one example. If women want to be truly useful to the Kingdom of God, they should stop trying to climb the ladder of success in the secular world. All their interests, talents, education, and resources should be channeled into building godly families and rearing their children to take their place in the army of the Lord.  After all, if you want something done, give it to the person designed to do it by God.

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