The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

[From the July/August issue of FFAOL] 

We live in a world where there are words one is not allowed to say, and preferences one is not allowed to have. How remarkable that we have become so obsessed with offending no one that we manage to offend everyone at some point. What’s more, as our society has focused on avoiding hurting anyone’s feelings, we offend God at almost every twist and turn.

One should not expect much from a world that has elevated man to the position only God Almighty rightly holds. It is in the church that this phenomenon is most disturbing. While it is true that we all begin our lives as sinners, it is not true that all people are the same. There is a difference. There are two kinds of sinners: those trying to honor God and obey His law, and those who are in open rebellion against Him. When preachers repeat the misleading statement that we are all sinners and none is better than the next, it groups all people (whether redeemed or not) into the same category. However, this is simply not true!

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