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anecdotalIn an age when experts abound, many often dismiss as unscientific and unproven positive results from new approaches to problems. They assert that what is being reported is merely anecdotal evidence. They often further assert that, since there are no scientific studies to back up the anecdotal evidence, people need to proceed with extreme caution.

I find this amusing at times and annoying at others. I have witnessed medical professionals caution against adding vitamins and minerals to one’s diet while encouraging the exclusive use of pharmaceutical remedies. Much of today’s accepted protocols stem from earlier, natural remedies such as oils, serums, and plant based products. The discerning person needs to be ready to question, question, question dismissal by an “expert” of new approaches to a problem in order to discover if there are simpler, less invasive options. Do not come to such interactions without having read up on the subject at hand. By being knowledgeable, you will have the basis for pertinent questions, and solid ammunition against the charge of the reported results being merely anecdotal.

The charge of anecdotal evidence is often levied against a person’s faith. Are there studies to show that I am a new creature in Christ Jesus? Should my profession of faith only be determined to be true once a team of experts can verify that there is no longer any condemnation for me because of my Savior’s substitutionary atonement for my sins? Isn’t it true that the gospel spreads as people share their anecdotal experiences, “I was lost, but now am found”?

The greatest demonstration of the power of believing in our risen Savior is that the elect have a built-in desire to obey His law-word. While not doing this perfectly, those in Christ witness firsthand the power of God unto salvation. That is what drives the enemies of Christianity crazy. Neither life nor death, angels nor principalities, nor powers nor things present, nor things to come separate the believer from God. When you add up all these bits of anecdotal evidence, you can see why these enemies do all they can to prevent even the name, Jesus Christ, to be mentioned in the public square. That is how powerful this name is above all names.

Humanism has no answer to the Christian faith other than to ridicule it, silence its members, or persecute those who challenge statist claims. This should be all the anecdotal evidence we need to see how potent and powerful our message is. If the gospel is of no consequence, why does it need to be hindered? It will die of its own accord.

So, keep offering your anecdotal evidence. Reinforce your message by teaching the law-word of God as the means by which we become effective witnesses to the truth of the gospel. This is how we build the Kingdom.

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