The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

Some books of the Bible are more popular than others, and are quoted more often. One of the advantages of reading through the entire Bible on a regular basis is that you are reminded of enduring truths (or are informed of them for what seems like the first time). Second Peter falls into this category, …

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Because of a number of health issues I confronted last year, I have been on a quest to understand the causes of illness, the God-ordained ways our bodies can heal, and to establish a balance between acquiring health to serve God and serving God to acquire health. The book of Ecclesiastes speaks to this.

In an age when experts abound, many often dismiss as unscientific and unproven positive results from new approaches to problems. They assert that what is being reported is merely anecdotal evidence. They often further assert that, since there are no scientific studies to back up the anecdotal evidence, people need to proceed with extreme caution. …

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