The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

Because of a number of health issues I confronted last year, I have been on a quest to understand the causes of illness, the God-ordained ways our bodies can heal, and to establish a balance between acquiring health to serve God and serving God to acquire health. The book of Ecclesiastes speaks to this.

Driving would be a treacherous activity if we could not see what was behind us. Looking ahead is important and decidedly easier because we have eyes in the front of our head. Despite what some children believe about their mothers, human beings were not graced with visual sight from behind. That is the reason driving …

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I’m often in mentoring situations with mothers who are eager to raise godly children, and who struggle with how well they are accomplishing this task. The question of discipline comes up regularly and their concerns are whether they are being too strict or too lenient with their children. Over the years I’ve struggled with this …

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