The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

merjanian2Many people sincerely grieve over the persecution of Christians around the world. But one family I know did something about it. This musical, sibling trio decided to use their God-given talents to make a difference by spearheading a benefit concert.

I have known the Merjanian family since these young people were children. We participated in homeschooling activities together, specifically the homeschool choir. Our friendship developed over a shared faith in Jesus Christ and a love for music. As our children grew and we went our separate ways, Mrs. M and I would meet in random places (usually the grocery store), and bring each other up to date about what was going on in our lives.

This family is Armenian by descent and have relatives who were impacted by the genocide that took place in the early twentieth century among the Armenian people. Thus, they are especially sensitive to the current situation in the Middle East as Christian enclaves, many in place since the first century A.D., are being systematically targeted for eradication.

concert photoThis concert was the second of its kind, as the two brothers and sister raised money to help Christians suffering under terrible conditions and murderous attacks. Like the previous one, it called attention to the atrocities that are occurring on a daily basis on the other side of the world, while delighting the audience with classical selections for cello, piano, organ, and voice. By night’s end, they had raised over $5000 on behalf of Open Doors Ministry.

merjaniansMr. & Mrs. M. are gifted musicians in their own right, and made music a focus in the home education of their children. Their pursuit of excellence in their service to the Lord has been evident from my earliest interactions with them. The concert was the fruit of years of deliberate Christian living. The parents planted the seeds for this fundraising effort by their faithfulness in instilling in their children a love for the Lord and a responsibility to their brethren in Christ. Just what one would expect from a Kingdom-driven family!

2 thoughts on “Kingdom-driven Family Ministry

  1. Christine Merjanian says:

    Dear Mrs. Schwartz, thank you for attending the concert and thank you for writing the above. I appreciate your perspective. As a homeschooling family, I know we ran out of time to do all that we wanted and needed to do. But as you said, we did focus on music and now I am glad that that little bit is bringing in some fruit. All praise and thanks be to God who sees the big picture and leads us accordingly.


    1. Andrea Schwartz says:

      Not sure we ran out of time so much as our children grew up and needed to make a way for themselves. My children appreciate much of what they complained about as children. God is faithful!


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