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trustee_edited_lgI used to think that there was no greater joy than being a mommy. However, being a grandmother is in a class by itself. This joy, quite different from parenting, opens up a special place in the heart. For those who have experienced the phenomenon, you know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t, take my word for it.

A grandchild is living evidence of the passage of time. In order to make sense of the relationship, one must acknowledge that the grandchild/grandparent relationship exists because your child has become a parent. As one moves from parent to grandparent, there is a sense of perspective that allows for the reevaluation of all those “important” aspects of life that gained prominence when one’s children were young. Questions arise: Was the time investment worthwhile? Did it produce positive results? Is our family the better off for it? Was God honored in the process?

My interactions with my grandchildren force me to admit that more than half my life is over and that I should use the remaining time granted to me by God to enhance their opportunities for Kingdom service. Whether it is time spent playing, reading, or discussing the important aspects of life, the chance to instill a legacy of faithful adherence to the Scriptures is valuable beyond measure.

Not everyone will hear the words grandpa or grandma applied to him or her. Nevertheless, there still is opportunity to influence the life of a young person. Within the Body of Christ, many “orphans” have never known their fathers, let alone their grandparents. By God’s grace, just as we have been adopted into His family, we can adopt them into our own. What’s more, there are many who have come to Christ and the rest of their biological families scorn or revile them for their decision. These fellow Christians can be “adopted” and benefit from a grandparenting-type relationship.

Proverbs 17:6 tells us that our grandchildren are the crown of the aged. Parents who are far from seeing their children marry and have offspring of their own, would do well to remember that what they sow now, they will most surely reap. Keep your eye on your future crown!

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