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wishful-thinking-fingers-crossedAlthough I hate to admit it, I succumbed to the lure of an infomercial, with its promised money back guarantee. I purchased something that, when it arrived, I realized wouldn’t work as the ad presented it. I went about the not-so-simple process of returning the item. I learned from the fine print that the shipping and handling cost would not be refunded, and I had to ship the merchandise back at my expense. After some negotiation, I received the commitment for a full refund, but I still had to pay to ship the merchandise back. The shipping cost amounted to one-third of the original purchase price. Live and learn.

We live at a time when Christianity is often presented like an infomercial. Rarely do new converts realize that entering in to the family of God may bring about rejection, ridicule, and other negative repercussions. The complete message of Scripture, which includes duty, responsibility, and obedience, is ignored. Happiness, fulfillment, and a better life are emphasized. Therefore many end up regretting their decision for Christ and some abandon the faith when trials and tribulations come.

We were not created so that all of our needs or desires would be met. We were not created to be protected from facing challenging decisions. We were created to glorify God by embracing and carrying out the Kingdom work of pursuing righteousness (justice). Failing to acquaint our children or those we evangelize about this reality can produce “believer’s remorse” rather than a dedicated commitment to serve God.

Those who put together infomercials are marketing geniuses. Their two for the price of one offers and happy testimonials must sell a lot of product because television is full of this programing. We must guard against the infomercial approach when it comes to sharing God’s law and the gospel of Christ. The Holy Spirit does not need marketing geniuses to assist in the production of converts. God calls people to Himself, and then sends them our way. We must be faithful in making disciples from those He assigns to us. That is how the Kingdom of God grows.

3 thoughts on “Infomercial Mentality

  1. Linda Chou says:

    A subtle analogy adopted from life experience to theological application is always inspiring and convincing. The article is an excellent tool to refute the gospel of self-complacency and self-absorption. Thank you so much for the insight, Andrea.


    1. Andrea Schwartz says:

      I appreciate your feedback. Nice to know my writing is helpful. 🙂


    2. Linda Chou says:

      Always. 🙂


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