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smartphoneWhen a child is brutally raped and murdered, our society is outraged. Well, sometimes. When women are trafficked for profit in the sex industry, there are those who in outrage call for immediate action. Well, sometimes. You see the outrage depends upon whether or not the perpetrators are a protected class shielded by the mainstream media.


Recently in Northern California, an eight-year-old girl was brutally beaten, sexually violated, disfigured and murdered. This incident received lots of press. We are horrified and discussions abound regarding the need to protect our children from such violence. Daily, however, infants in the womb, (decidedly more helpless), are routinely disfigured and murdered under the banner of a woman’s right to exercise personal choice. Apparently, some lives are more valuable than are others.


We now learn that some lives are more valuable dead than alive. America, we have become a nation of murderers and cannibals. If you do not believe me, watch the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. Scripture tells us that all who hate God love death. We are witnessing the long-term results when God-haters are in positions of power and influence. What is additionally troubling is the fact that many who claim to love God are indifferent to these atrocities, as evidenced by their silence. They continue to hand over their children to statist indoctrination, guaranteed to produce unbiblical thinking. Thus, the indifference passes from one generation to the next.


Anyone who is not actively committed to end the ghoulish practice of abortion and the after-market business of trafficking in body parts should remember that a day of reckoning awaits. Repeatedly in the Old Testament, we read of the failure of God’s people to remove the high places in Israel and Judah. These were places of pagan practices and human sacrifice. Dire consequences followed because of their apostasy. We have our own high places—the abortion industry (being one), with its tax subsidization, and the cannibalistic practice of using the body parts of the dead to service the living. God will not be mocked. Either we live according to His law-word, or we should brace ourselves for the consequences.


The battlefield for this war resides in the hearts and minds of the people of our land, for that is where the problem stems. Years of indifference and complacency have increased our national sin, as many professing Christians have systematically disregarded God’s law in their thoughts, words, and deeds. It is high time for those with a seared conscience to repent and demonstrate their repentance.


Therefore, fellow believer, do not stop talking about this issue, and if you have not been talking about it, start now. Be a voice for the voiceless. There is no biblical justification to stay quiet; it is not as though skirting the issue has improved the situation. The wickedness of legalized abortion only escalates when we do not bring this issue to the forefront. Silence serves the enemies of God rather than the purposes of God. Make this a topic of conversation with family, friends, and co-workers. Make use of the technology at our disposal to share the harsh truths. Acquaint them with the facts and instruct them as to what part they can play to end this ongoing atrocity. (There are resources available to help you do just that.)


Too many are content with sitting on the sidelines. Remind them that when the Day of Judgment comes, we all will be reckoned either as faithful or unfaithful to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (justice). Proverbs 29:2 tells us, When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan. It is high time that the righteous of God increase, and do so faithfully!

2 thoughts on “Tearing Down the High Places

  1. Evanell Wellings says:

    Andrea, thank you for the wake up call. I have been complacent. Now repenting and praying.
    Could you share some of the resources you use to share the harsh truths with others?


    1. Andrea Schwartz says:

      Well, you are already using one of them with the Institutes of Biblical Law study you are part of with me on Mondays. As you internalize God’s law, then you need to make the connections between current events and things in the news so that you can bring those with seared consciences to a recognition of their sin. Spend time on the Chalcedon website and Apologia website. Both do a good job of getting to the heart of the matter of our national sin.

      Force yourself to engage others in a discussion about the issue of abortion. You don’t have to get preachy. As you interact with people who already have some respect for you, you can let them know your views on the killing of children. No need to argue. Just present your point of view. Get them thinking. That is how you plant seeds.


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