The Kingdom-Driven Family

Building a Home That Serves Christ and His Kingdom

headsupNothing hurts worse that banging your head against an opened cabinet door. Unless your infraction is one of your own doing, having ignored the warning you endlessly gave to your children to never leave a cabinet door opened. Some lessons keep on giving; the bump on my head is a constant reminder to practice what I preach. Yet today, while emptying the dishwasher, because my mind was elsewhere, I left a pesky door in the kill position. No, I didn’t smack myself again, but it got me thinking how quickly we forget the lessons we are sure we will always remember.

Maybe this is why the Scriptures admonish us to remember. Forgetting can have severe consequences, while, by actively remembering, we can avoid hardships and reap blessings. How easy it is to look back on our forebears and desire to admonish them for making blatantly stupid errors. Yet, upon close examination, we do not fare much better.

As we face the challenges of our own sin, the world system, and the wiles of the devil, we must remember to feed ourselves with the Bread of Life and drink constantly the living water of the Word, or we can expect to repeatedly bang our heads (both physically and spiritually). Fueling your life without such sustenance results in bruise upon bruise.

May God grant us the eyes to see the dangerous obstacles right in front of us, as we endeavor to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.

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