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eyeAs helper, Eve became Adam’s match, his equivalent, and he described her as bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. He knew what he had been given and he was grateful for it. Early on in the Biblical account, we see the tremendous influence a wife can have on her husband. In Eve’s case, she violated the “chain of command,” but that does not nullify the God-given role she was created to fulfill. Adam also called her “mother of all living.”

When women abandon these roles, they give up their influence and denigrate their purpose. When women scorn and reject being a wife and being a mother, they are left only to imitate men. Yet God proclaimed that man was not to be alone, and needed a counterpart to fulfill the dominion calling. Thus, a culture that tears apart the family confusing its roles, tears itself apart, devolving into vested- interest groups combatting one another to gain dominance. New categories emerge (sometimes so many it is hard to keep track) and there is a perpetual conflict of interests and disharmony in society.

The two most powerful influences a woman exerts are with her husband and her children. These lasting influences shape the future one way or another. When women seek independence from these roles, they foist themselves into the position of being sex objects or competitors with men, rather than the honored position described in Proverbs 31.

We live at a time when technology affords us many opportunities that enhance rather than detract from a woman exercising all her gifts and talents. Those who cannot access these benefits need to realize that, in truth, much of the blame should be placed on the humanistic statism that permeates our schools, civil government, and, sadly, the church. Women thrive when they are free to obey their callings under God without infringement from those who seek to usurp Him.

I referenced Proverbs 31 earlier. One of the most telling phrases is that “her husband is known in the city gates.” The wife must deserve a significant portion of the credit for her husband’s success or King Lemuel’s mother would not have made note of this. Moreover, this reality is not only limited to kings. For example, I am well known where my husband is employed for sending him to work with home-cooked meals that his co-workers envy. While they, many who are married, run out and grab fast food, my husband enjoys healthy, whole, non-processed food every day. When I have visited him at work, or recently attended his company’s holiday party, this is the first thing his colleagues mentioned to me, repeatedly commending me about the care I show him, and jokingly asking if I would consider preparing their lunches every day. I told them that I only serve “one customer,” because I want my husband to live longer and healthier! Is there a correlation between his receiving a recognition award for sales performance for 2016 and my care for him? Proverbs 31 indicates that there is. What’s more, my husband knows he can talk with me about situations at work and I remain his closest confidant and counselor.

If any woman reading this struggles with how to implement God’s direction in her life regarding this most important calling, I am more than willing to help her see that she is not without the tools, authority, and power to shape her family and the surrounding culture. This ability comes because of obedience to the law-word of God when it is a focus and operating basis. I am also willing to mentor her through the process, so that she will one day hear the commendation from the Lord, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


*(Suitable Helper)



One thought on “Adam Called Her Woman — God Called Her Helpmeet*

  1. Jo says:

    Binging on your posts in the middle of the night. Baby was up. Roving earwig tickled my leg. I’m up for the present and grateful to exist in a universe where another woman includes the Law in her value of the Bible.


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