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There are those who consider parts of the Biblofflimitse unsuitable for children because of the sexual nature of some of the content. Song of Solomon often falls into that category. While there are differing interpretations as to the actual meaning of this book  (literal or figurative), nonetheless, it is a part of the canon of Scripture. Song of Solomon 1:2 would raise some eyebrows on those who consider sex or wine outside the bounds of what young people or children should be exposed to. Does that mean that this part of the wisdom literature of the Bible should be eliminated from sermons, Bible studies, or reading through the Bible with our children or as part of family devotions?

I would give that a hearty “no.” God’s law governs every area of life and thought, and matters of sexuality and drinking alcohol need to be taught and developed from a Biblical perspective for children and young people in the context of family by parents. This should not be left to Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, or even in a school setting. When the Word of God is part of the parents’ earliest interactions with their children, parents remain in control as to how subjects are framed and the interpretations attached to the subject matter. When children learn that God’s design for intimacy is always in the context of marriage, and that the use of wine or strong drink is also governed by God’s law-word, the enticements of the world are less likely to sway children into immoral behavior.

I know young families who, when doing their daily devotions, read the devotions aloud with their infants and babies present, not worrying about how much they understand initially. These parents believe that as the children grow and begin to interact during  family devotions, their understanding will increase and their foundations will be solid, especially when their father and mother encourage questions and are ready with answers.

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