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ridgegosnellNorma McCorvey died February 18, 2017. Many will not recognize this name, but would recognize the Supreme Court decision named for her, Roe v. Wade. From the biographical information I have on her, she never had an abortion herself, but was used by the culture of death to advance their cause. To her credit, when she came to faith and repentance, she became an advocate for the unborn and for women found in similar circumstances to her own.

Another name not so well known today is that of Kermit Gosnell. He is a Pennsylvania abortionist who not only killed babies in the womb, but for those born alive, he severed their spinal cords with a technique called “snipping.” He also seriously maimed and had a part in the death of a number of his female clients. He is serving a life sentence in prison, and is the subject of a newly released book, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.  

I think this book and the documentary on the same subject should be required reading/viewing in every Christian family (including children) and churches. Why? Not only to learn about what makes a person take life rather than save life, but to expose the dark side of health departments and courts that allowed this despicable man to kill the unborn and maim and brutalize women (especially poor and minority women), all because these agencies had as a priority to do nothing that would stigmatize abortion. As one prosecutor commented, nail salons have more scrutiny than abortion clinics. Why? Because entrenched in our federal and state bureaucracies are those who will not allow abortion access to be constrained under any circumstances. This scenario is not an isolated case restricted to Philadelphia, but exists throughout the country.

One eye-opening moment for me came when I read a name I did recognize, Tom Ridge, the first head of the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Ridge was previously was the “pro-choice” Republican governor of Pennsylvania. While in office, his policies made sure that nothing would hinder legalized abortion in his state. That is why, and how, Kermit Gosnell could operate with impunity for over thirty years; bureaucrats and their superiors continually ignored the many complaints and red flags they received as a matter of policy. They are, in reality, as guilty, if not more guilty, than the abortionist.

The authors of this book were not pro-life when they began to write their expose. However, by their own admission, they become anti-abortion by the time they examined all the gruesome facts of the case. They could not conclude in good conscience that Gosnell was an anomaly. They realized, as did the jurors in the trial, that there was no significant difference between a good abortion provider and a bad one.

Many times as I read this account, I experienced disturbing physical reactions. After years of believing I knew all there was to know on this subject, I realized I did not. I then did an informal survey of people I know, asking if the name Kermit Gosnell meant anything to them. Sadly, it did not, thanks to the media blackout throughout most of the trial that did not consider the horrendous crimes of this man newsworthy. What’s more, I discovered that, although the book has done quite well when it comes to sales, it has been kept from appearing as high as it rightfully belongs on The New York Times Bestseller List. While this is not surprising, it should tell us something about the entrenched warfare involved when it comes to the subject of the murder of the unborn.

The average person who deems himself pro-life needs to do more than just agree that abortion is wrong. I submit that we must make this the subject of routine conversation as a matter of course. Read the book, talk about the book, lend the book. Let us not allow this subject to fall under that category of differing political views, and agreeing to disagree. I challenge you to fully enlist in this cause, if for no other reason, that to avert the justifiable anger and wrath of God.

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