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When people take God and His Word for granted, they minimize the effects of sin in their lives and the surrounding culture.  Instead of recognizing that failing to obey God produces negative consequences, they instead “wait” for future judgment rather than recognize its present reality.  I often say in my Biblical Law classes, “The judgment is in the sin.”

One of my students shared with me how she and her husband have incorporated biblical law into the life of their family, with this amusing story she sent to me in an email message:

I keep meaning to tell you this story.

A while ago, my four-year-old son asked to eat an orange. I said yes, and he ate it. Later he asked his dad if he could eat an orange. His dad said yes and a second orange was eaten. Later he came to me again asking for an orange. I unknowingly said yes to a third orange. Eventually he asked his dad for another orange. My husband is quicker than I am, and asked him, “How many will this be in one day?” Montgomery tells him that it would be four oranges. My husband laughed and told him no, because he had probably overdone it on the citrus.

Mont stared at him and asked why. Jon responded, “Son, the judgment will be in the sin!” Sure enough, he spent some “extra moments” in the bathroom that day. So now, Mont tells his younger siblings, “There will be sin and judgment if you overeat oranges!” 

Thanks again for class; it is awesome and has become a big highlight in my week. (M.M.)


Nothing pleases me more than hearing how my students’ understanding of God’s law-word helps them disciple their children — even the youngest of them to understand that all our thoughts, words, and deeds, have consequences.

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